Montag, 25. Januar 2010

++NEW SHAPE Label++[~TastyChick~]Shapes

Heya all

ok we did it.... YES !

Lady and me created a Shape Label called [~TastyChick~]Shapes

and we made 4 brandnew tasty Shapes for you :
the Lady and Magdalena Shape ,yes:P
Emily and Annabell Shape <3

So, feel free and grab a demo in our Mainstores (touch on the icecream)
in the Shapepack are the Stylecard (all what we wear from Skin,Lashes,Hair etc.) and a Facelight included. The Shapes are all mod/copy but no!transfer

we hope u like it and wish all i nice Start in the Week<3 / 25

Kiss& Hugs .....your Magdalena & Lady